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  1. Songs I talk about in this video in no particular order: Marina & the Diamonds: “Oh No” “Heartbreaker” “Prima donna” The Kooks: “Sofa Song” 2 Door Cinema Club: “Sun” “Handshake” “Sleep Alone” Arctic Monkeys: “505” Postal Service: “Tattered Line of String” The Neighbourhood: “Sweater Weather” Local Natives: “Sun Hands” “Heavy Feet” “Wide Eyes” “Breakers” Vampire Weekend: “Walcott” Empire of the Sun: “Walking On A Dream” Of Monsters and Men: “Mountain Sound” “Lakehouse” Recent Rap Artist Loves: Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West (don’t judge me), Childish Gambino, Chiddy Bang, Drake, Tyler the Creator Hope you guys enjoyed! Follow me on: Polyvore: Second Channel: Tumblr: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: arose1860 For any/all business inquiries please contact with ARose186 in the subject line. Mailing Address: 5503 B Street #9 Little Rock, AR 72205

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